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Aquackulture aka Duckoponics! (aka omgomgomgomg squeeeee! hehehe)


How did I not know about this before???? I stumbled upon Duckoponics this afternoon while watching some permaculture videos and it’s basically using ducks in the nutrient water system instead of fish (or as well as fish depending on your set up). This would actually solve my clean swimming water problem that I have with the ducks because I’m having a lot of trouble keeping it relatively clean for them. I was going to get a little blue clam shell kiddy pond which would be easier to clean but this would be stacks better as they can keep using the bathtub that they currently use, I just need to sort out a solar pump for it.

Found this video on YouTube by Charlie Mgee that would be a perfect setup for me. Love the idea of using the blue clamshell pools as the grow beds:

I’m really looking forward to the Christmas holidays because things are going to start cracking around the farm. I’m getting 2 IBC tanks which I’m going to cut in half and make my 4 wicking beds to start the veg going. I’ll be taking pics of the whole process so I’ll keep you posted on that. I’m all inspired by the Quackuaponics so I’m going to see what I can do with the existing setup. I might have to move their bathing bathtub from it’s current location though so I’ll have to put on my thinking cap to work out the layout for everything. Just a little bit excited now hehe. My brain has started firing with ideas again after my little lull. And by not doing anything for the last couple of months I’ve saved up a bit of cash so I can set it all up properly from the start.

I’ve also been thinking about getting some miniature goats for goats milk (and just general entertainment and garden helpers). I’ve got the perfect area for them but I need to reinforce the fencing and modify an existing structure to make them a stable. Do goats live in stables? I have no idea what a goat house is called! Goat barn maybe? I dunno. Anyway that’s on the cards too…. maybe some mini pigs as well. Brain firing I tells ya!!

Why are you doing this?


I’m slowly turning black and blue from all the self pinching. I keep looking at the photos thinking “that’s MINE!!!!!!!!”. It seems real and that the same time it doesn’t. I’m super excited but at the same time I feel this deep level of calmness that I didn’t expect. I thought I’d be doing constant backflips all over the room all day long but I’m quietly peaceful, tranquil almost ;}. I think that because I’ve been looking for MY place for so long and have actually found a place that ticks every box and then some… it’s hard to believe that a) it actually exists and 2) it’s actually mine and I will be living there. So for perhaps the final post in the Property Inspection category I’ll post some of the pics.

The lovely grassy area by the river.

bumbalong20 bumbalong18

The view from the veggie patch, overlooking the river


The view from the veggie patch to the back of my property… that’s allllll MINE! Right to the top of the back ridge.


I don’t want to post too many photos of the house n stuff just yet as it’s not officially mine. Privacy and all y’know.

So for the final time – bush block, tick. River, tick. 45 mins to work, tick. 300 acres, tick. Rayburn wood stove, bonus tick. Clawfoot tub, bonus tick. Massive walk in robe, bonus tick. Chicken run including chickens, bonus tick. Massive workshop with combustion fireplace, bonus tick.

My brain has been going at turbo speed thinking about all the things I want to do and what to do first. Really random things like planting white climbing roses over the edge carport and what to plant in the bare flower beds. Had to giggle that they’re there, bare, ready for me to plant exactly what I want to plant. Like the rest of the house, in decent condition but just needing me to put my stamp on it all and make it mine all mine. In the grand scheme of things there is nothing that NEEDS to be done (except that carpet I posted before but in it’s own way it’s a “design feature” (I’m being kind)). It’s all perfectly liveable but I’m just itching to customise it all. In particular the walk in closet. I have great giant squeeeeeee moments every time I think about it and how lush it’s going to be when I finished. When I really think about it, seeing that at the property inspection kinda sealed the deal for me as I liked the rest of the photos but they hadn’t taken a photo of the WIR so I was dying to see what it looked like and the fact that it’s MASSIVE! *sigh* did I mention I can’t wait to move in? mkay just checking 😉

I’ve been getting an interesting reaction from friends who I’ve told that my offer has been accepted on a rural property and that I’m moving to the boonies and that’s “why would you want to do that??” accompanied by a look of horror. (not that it’s really the boonies mind you, only 45 mins from civilisation ;}). And I’ve refined my half an hour response detailing permaculture, aquaponics, and sustainability down to a couple of words. “I want to live a simpler life and be more self sufficient.” Sums it all up nicely in a little nutshell without me hopping on on the soapbox and coming across as an absolute raving loon.  I want to wake up in the morning and revel in the absolute fucking quiet and go get my breakfast from my chickens before I head off to desk jockey for the day. I want to be able to come home from work and pick my dinner from the garden and talk to the chooks as they head back into their coop in the orchard. And revel in the absolute peace and fucking quiet and tranquility. Mhmmm! Can’t wait!!!!



Sorry it’s been so long but I’ve got a lot to catch you up on. So in the last thrilling post I was pretty damn depressed at losing my dream property. I did talk to the council guy to see what it would take to get the river crossing structurally assessed and approved by council but never got an answer due to the Christmas break and the road engineer being away but that’s fine cuz it’s off the cards completely now. I’m interested in a new block of land 5 mins away and when I spoke to the agent about it he told me that he’s the one who actually sold my dream property to its current owners and had a lot of trouble back then as well. So basically that sealed the deal on giving the property a big pass. Pity because it’s the perfect property but is screwed because of council regulations. I feel sorry for the current owner because they’re going to have a hard time selling it if the new buyer does even half their due diligence.

But anyway back to me and the new bit of land I’m interested in. There is a little bit of rigmarole that I’ll have to go through to get a building entitlement but it’s not as insane as the last one. Basically just need to get an extension on the existing legal right of way as the block is landlocked. It shouldn’t be too hard as there is one other property at the end of the right of way road so an itty bitty extension to it shouldn’t be a problem methinks. Yes yes thinking positively 😛

Over the Christmas break I’ve had a lot of time to think about things and really start planning out the house. I’ve now got a pretty clear vision on what I want and I’ve been collecting pics from magazines and all that fun stuff. But today I wanted to share with you my latest discovery and thing on the MUST HAVE list. Glow in the dark chips for the polished concrete!!!!


 glow in the dark concrete    glow in the dark concrete1
(you can clicky clicky these images to make them bigger)

How freaking cool is that!!!!! I don’t want my floor that dark colour, more an off white/light grey. And note that these before/after pics are from an un Boral related website www.koncept.com.au and are only used for illustration purposes. Wish they were closer to me so I could get them to quote but they’re in VIC.

Oddly Boral say that it’s only available in QLD and VIC but there is a phone number to ring for availability outside of those two states so you can betcha that I’ll be ringing that number when it’s time to start thinking bout the slab. I even think it would be brilliant to have some in the driveway, can you imagine it!!!! If you have a look at the Koncept website they have done an outside application on some stairs which looks great. I don’t care how much it costs for the slab, I’ll look for savings elsewhere to ensure I can have it included. It was a toss up between tiles or polished concrete but I think this has sealed the deal for polished concrete!

In regards to the house plans I’m basically torn between two plans. Both are modified from the original plans and once I’ve drawn up the modifications properly I’ll post them for you so you can have a squiz (and give me your opinion?). Both are predesigned plans, one from the company I want to build my house and the second is from the second runner up company. Both deal with strawbale building obviously. I sent a bunch of questions to my preferred builder today so hopefully they get back to me soon.

I’m trying hard not to get excited again after what happened last time but at least I can get excited about the house even if it’s not the right land (which I still need to actually go see hahaha). I’ve got a pretty clear picture of what I want it all to look like (which helps minimise costs as I’ve had a lot of time to think about it and change my mind already!) so I can’t wait to get started! Anyway it’s hometime but just wanted to share before I go home, I’ll be posting a bit more now as I’m positively BUSTING with ideas and I have a need to share 🙂

Hope you’re not melting out there in the heat! Stay safe and stay cool!

And as a PS as I’ve just found the image… check it out!!! Can you imagine this in the middle of the bush?? I’d love to come home to my own private glowing river every night. wowwwwww 🙂

glow in the dark concrete driveway

(image snaffled from Imgur and you can click to enlarge)



3 weeks TODAY til I have to be out of my house! How on earth did that happen so quickly? Who’s been fast forwarding time eh? Fess up!  I’m a little bit at panic stations now… I’ve been slowly getting stuff sorted but I think I need to kick it into high gear now or else I’m not going to make it in time!

I’m starting to come up with the vision for my new place. I’ve got an idea that’s rumbling around in the back of my mind, marinating in creative juices. I’m not totaly sure that I want to voice it yet purely because it’s not very clear to me yet, I’m not just trying to be coy. But rest assured that I’ll spill the beans once I’ve totally worked it out (and also whether it’s actually a viable idea and not just a romantic notion).

And now I need to get down to the nitty gritty details on what I want my new house to look like because my feeling that the right bit of land will come up when I’m actually financially ready to buy it could mean that I’ll find something in 3 weeks! Yes, yes I’m an optimist 🙂 Dreaming of all the tiles and taps and carpet and curtains. I’ve got a vague floorplan worked out but I need to talk to some professionals to firm up my ideas. But all the other details need to be attended to as well. Truely exciting (and keeping my mind off packing!). Feel a bit like Alice’s white rabbit!

hmmmmmm…. a concrete house?


I was talking to one of the guys at work about the new house I want to build once I find my bit of land and up until now I’ve been thinking strawbale house but he suggested ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) blocks such as these:


It’s funny because originally when I first started dreaming about all of this I wanted to build a concrete house. There was a company in QLD called Chameleon Concrete who were doing prefab homes and claimed that they could put them up in a couple of days. After that there was just the fitting out of internals etc to do and hey presto – Instahouse. But since I was looking at it last year their website has gone poof so I’m not sure if they’re still in business or not. So I started looking at straw bale houses as it’s another great alternative. I hadn’t heard of ICF before and I like the idea too. I think it would come down to price as to which one I choose as they both offer similar insulation and fireproof qualities that I’m after in the new house.  I’m going to have to start contacting builders to see what the average cost is but it’s definitely in the running now.  Have a look at their Media and Portfolio section for pics of houses. I’m gonna have to start posting my ideas up here so you can see what I have in mind.

Also came across another neat idea I hadn’t thought about (from a lunchtime blog read) – Solar tube lights. Another great zero energy way to get light into the house (I plan to be off grid). I think it’s something that I’ll consider after the house has been constructed as it may adequately lit during the day. Something like this:   http://solatube.com.au/

Have a great weekend!