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So… I sent my craptastic solicitor an email at 4:45pm yesterday (Thursday) after not hearing a thing allll day, and allll day the day before when they’d talked about exchanging contracts. I asked whether exchange had been scheduled and got a reply back saying “Sorry, we neglected to let you know that exchange happened Wednesday afternoon” and ” sorry we had a busy day”. Wtfuckery? Really? Yeah I had a busy day checking my damn email all fkn day AND the all day the next day thankyouverymuch.

*deep breaths*

The upside is that it’s finally mine… the 60 day countdown has begun! Day 58 today 🙂 It’s weird, I’m excited and I’m not. I’m really surprising myself with how blahh I am about it all. I would have thought that after allll this time that I would be doing a few more backflips. I am excited don’t get me wrong, I’m just not manic. Weird.




The house is sold!! 9 days after listing and I’ve received an offer of my magic number! I’m in a bit of shock to be quite honest as I didn’t quite expect it to be so quick but I’m happy. Gotta keep pinching myself to make sure it’s real.

And now the real hard work starts – packing! I spoke to the storage company that I’ve used before to see if they have any units available and not only do they have some available but they’ll give me a $35 per month discount so I’m pretty chuffed with that! I think I should buy a lottery ticket ot something the way I’m going today. I spose it is full moon today and I really thought it was going to be a bad one as its been pretty intense so far. But nope, it’s turned out pretty darn well! Hope your day has been as great!