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Well I went to go check out that property on Saturday and it’s not “THE ONE”. Bloody Google Earth getting my hopes up. Well it’s not really their fault but I feel like I need to blame someone hahaha. Anyway it’s a gorgeous spot, really top notch and in the right price range (tick) and exactly in the area I want to be (tick), it’s got the river (tick) and is mostly bush (tick)… BUT the one negative is a pretty big one to get over and not something I really expected. But let me start from the start.

Off I trekked (35 mins exactly from work so ummm not exactly a trek but shoosh I’m telling the story here) on a fine and sunny Saturday morning. I always find it so odd when I’ve obsessively looked at some land from the air via Google Maps and Google Earth for so long that when I actually see the place from the road, I know it so well despite never having been there. It’s a very odd sensation. So I found the turn off, drove through the gate and down the reasonably potholeless road (tick). Passed this cute lil fella and a few dozen of his mates: (he turned at the last minute to give me his good side, he sat there staring at me for a while when I stopped. Probably as if to say “whatchoo lookin at starebear, take a photo it lasts longer”… so I did) :


And there, exactly where the agent said it would be, was the gate to my block. Gorgeous spot. SO quiet as I got out of the car… just the birds and the locusts/crickety type things clicking away in the grass. So I ignored the faded “Trespassers will be prosecuted” sign and strolled on in. I did have the agent’s permission to be there by the way… just makin that clear before the lawyers are called.  Strolling up the hill, further up the hill…. the hill that’s slowly getting steeper….. til I get to this:


Hmmmmm… The spot that I was thinking of building after looking at it from the google maps is at the top of that… And on the other side of that hill is also the river. There is NO WAY that a concrete truck is going to be able to get up there to lay the foundations for the house….. BUGGER!! And once I get up there and find the area I’d looked at so many times on Maps, it’s not actually flat, it just doesn’t have any trees and is rocky and hilly. DOUBLE BUGGER!!!! There are suitable building spots on the other side of the hill but the concrete truck thing just makes that all impossible. And the only other real spot to build is roughly here which is about 5 mins from the gate:


but that means you’ve got to proper trek up the hill and down again to get to the river… which is not exactly what I had in mind. Pity because I really liked this spot. How’s the serenity? 😉


(this is actually taken from the highway gate)

I did actually have a bit of a cheeky idea about another bit of land as I was driving home from my expedition but I don’t think I can quite tell you about it until I’ve done it (nothing illegal). I’ll certainly let you know if it pans out!


Chestnuts roasting on an open…firepit


So today’s thrilling episode is all about my latest plan for DIY awesomeness. I’ve been reading about building with earthbags lately. Looks like a fairly simple process – fill long tube bags with a sand mix, sandwich with a few strands of barbed wire, tamp down then render.  Et voila! a solid construction for just about anything. There’s lots of websites with tutorials explaining how to do it in detail so have a google if you’re interested in learning.

I was thinking I could apply it to one of the outdoor features I really want in my new garden which is a round sunken firepit. I saw this image ages ago when I was thinking about firepits and this is what I want to base my design around. Although obviously outside, without the flue and with earthbagged rendered curves.


The below image gave me the idea to make my firepit out of earthbags:

firepit earthbag

I can’t find the original article that I snaffled the image from but it’s this lady’s entertainment area (love the hot pink!):  http://warmingtrends.blogspot.com.au/2011/05/do-it-yourself-fire-pit-earth-bag.html

The original article showed them building their garden area step by step and they actually have a little firepit in the structure. That gave me the idea to apply it to what I had in mind with my sunken firepit to be able to create the lovely soft curves (although mine won’t be hot pink haha). Just add some comfy pillows and a cold beverage and it sounds like bliss to me.

And just because I want to get the word out there about making fires upside down (ie properly!) – which results in a cleaner, hotter fire – have a read of this:


And of course if I had a massive lake like dam on the property I’d do something like the below. Isn’t it gorgeous!


How’s the serenity 😉

All these ideas bulging out of my brain…. just need that land! *sigh*