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Hmm so I guess you’re here to look at some more fantastic farm pics eh… Well looks like I’ve already failed at following through on this BUT I have a very good reason, it’s been bloody well raining all week! So much so that I’ve been flooded in for most of the week and only managed to get across to work today. I’m keeping an eye on the rain radar as it’s only about 10cm from the top of the crossing so I don’t want to get caught on the wrong side. There’s only so many pics of grey clouds and misty pics I can post before your eyes drop out of your skull in boredom. And of course the only awesome pic I did manage to take is on my other computer so I can’t post that either but I’ll make sure I upload it as a PS tonight.

This week I cranked up the fireplace for the first time this winter as it was freezing earlier in the week. I’m going to have a go at firing up the Rayburn cooker on the weekend too. I was too scared to last winter (no idea why, just a dork) but I’ve youtubed a bunch of videos on how to light it, maintain it and put it to bed overnight so we’ll see how it goes. What I do need to work out is a more efficient way of storing my wood indoors. Will have to percolate on that over the weekend.

One of the jobs I was going to do over the summer, and completely forgot about, is to build a better wood shed. The ones that I have are basically 3 half moons made out of a water tank which was cut in half covering the woodpiles (one of which blew over in a storm and I can’t get it back on so the wood is open to the rain!). It’s not very easy to get wood out of (or in I imagine) as it’s about waist height so you’ve gotta crawl in there. As I was typing all that I was thinking about how I could cobble one together for not a lot of money and just had an idea on how I could make one out of free pallets! Would just need a couple of tall star pickets and hey presto! I already have some corrugated iron I could use for the roofing. I wanted to make a concrete floor for it but I’m not sure if the concrete would set in winter (I know bugger all about concreting btw) so I might just have to use the existing bits of corrugated iron that lines the other ‘sheds’. I have termite issues which is why I need a better flooring for the wood shed btw.

Oh Google you wonderful thing you! Just googled pallet wood shed and this is sort of what I’m looking to make (only taller) AND it solves the flooring issue. AND it could be expandable to make it bigger/longer when needed.

wood shed

Only thing I’d be worried about with raising it up like that is snakes hiding under there. Maybe I can make a little corrugated skirt for it or something. I do have blocks I can prop it up on and I do need to shuffle wood around this weekend…. sounds like a project! Have a great weekend!


Build a bridge….


Well things have been manic at work and there really hasn’t been anything to look at lately hence the lack of postage again. I went and had a look at the place on Jinglemoney Lane (still love that name) but it’s just a bit too far away for my liking. I noticed the other day that they’ve dropped the price by $20k so I guess they’re keen to sell. If only it wasn’t so far away. Getting back to that dream piece of land I mentioned in my last. I procrastinated a whole bunch about talking to the council about building approval because I didn’t want a yes and didn’t want a no and I understand now what the agent was talking about with it being tricky. I pulled my finger out of my ass and spoke to the council who told me I’d have to get permission from the owner to view their Development Advice form which they had submitted and paid for and also to be able to view their building file at council. So I spoke to the agent who organised that and actually sent me a copy of the Development Advice form which states that yes development approval is possible…


It basically all hinges on the river crossing. As far as the council is concerned that river crossing has never been approved and hasn’t been structurally assessed. It doesn’t comply with their regulations in terms of signage and barriers etc. Vehicular access is something that they consider with all development applications. I did a bit of research and found out that the next door neighbour had a development application to have the boundary amended by a couple of meters refused because of the river crossing! So I would assume that any building application on “my” land would also be refused.

BUT I’m not going to give up. I’m still going to talk to council and view the file and I’m actually going to see how much it would cost to build a bridge. I had a quick look online and there’s actually some prefab concrete bridge builders so that may be an option. I can only assume that the other 12 or so properties on “my” side of the river are also unapproved because of the river crossing so I could approach them for a contribution to the bridge fund if they wanted to. I could probably put a sizeable contribution towards it or fund the whole thing depending on the cost… that’s how much I want to be able to build on this land! The bridge would still have to go through council approval to be built but considering we would be addressing their existing concerns (the paper said it was noted as far back as 1998) with a proper solution according to their standards surely it would get approval.  I’m an optimist can you tell?

I just chuckle at the irony of the amount of times I’ve told someone to “build a bridge and get over it” and now I’m the one that could actually be building a bridge. They better name the bloody thing after me if it happens ;} I’ll keep ya posted!