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The 10 Commandments of Grocery Shopping


Think I’m going to print this and keep copies in my handbag to hand out to offenders whenever I’m out shopping…. or discreetly leave it in their shopping trolley 🙂 Although I have to add an additional commandment which irritates me no end – Thou shalt not leave thy trolley in the middle of the aisle (or worse at a 45 degree angle in the middle of the aisle ARG) blocking everyone’s way to grab your most important item on the shelf that you cannot live a moment longer without. Parallel park it or I will and give you the greasy side eye as I do!

Abby Has Issues

Given the fact that the employees at my local grocery store see me more than my own family does, it’s safe to say that I have quite a bit of experience pushing a full cart around.

While I generally enjoy the experience because a) I love finding and checking things off of a list and b) food, there are a few simple things that would make it better for all those involved.


Thou shall not leave your cart in an empty parking spot.

As I’ve said before, there are two kinds of people in this world: 1) those who return carts to the cart corral and 2) a-holes. Leaving a cart to find it’s own way home often results in the cart camping out in a parking spot someone will inevitably pull halfway into before realizing the cart is there and angrily backing out, pissing off people behind them…

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Becky says things about … reasons to be cheerful


If by now you haven’t already worked out that I have a really odd sense of humour and that I love a good laugh, you will now. Sharing this with you because a) it’s Monday and we all need a laugh on Mondays and 3) because I sat here giggling at my desk the whole way through it 🙂 Happy Monday folks!


Oh, brave Listener. We’ve all had a bit of a rough time recently.

There are several reasons why we are all feeling a bit peeved, irked, and somewhat vexed:

1) It is February. February is an obnoxiously depressing month, it knows it, and it doesn’t care. February is insufferable.

2) We are still paying off our Christmas credit card bills. This is intolerable.

3) Our New Year’s resolution diet and exercise regimes have failed miserably and we are eating more doughnuts, peanut butter, and full fat milk than ever before to cope with the depression of February and Christmas credit card bills.


4) The couples amongst us have had a relationship-busting argument on Valentine’s Day, and the singletons amongst us have just been reminded that they are SINGLE and ALONE and destined to remain that way for the rest of their sorry lives.

5) There is nothing to look forward…

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