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Strike two!


Soooo I think I shot myself in the foot from the start with this Friday photo thing a) because with winter daylight savings going on, by the time I get home from work it’s just light enough to feed the babies and tuck them into bed and 2) there’s only so many misty morning sunrise (or my ducky babies) pics I can show you before you want to poke your eyes out with a toothpick and eat them. Which only leaves me the weekends to take pics at the moment. 

SO for the wintertime I’m going to make it a monthly thing and endeavour to take pics on the weekends for you. Hope you don’t mind too much, a thousand pardons if you do! 

I did manage to capture this amazing sunrise this morning. I actually saw it through the crack of the bedroom curtains when I woke up and thought there was a bushfire!


Hopefully that’ll tide you over til next month 🙂 Have a great week!

Hippy Birthday!


I just realised that it’s the blog’s second birthday! Bit weird to think it’s been so long as it doesn’t feel like it at all. And kinda appropriately I’m uploading a pic of two duck eggs that I meant to do as a PS last Friday:


I found these two in one of the wood sheds when I was carting wood in the house. They must be really old eggs as Mummy hasn’t laid any since the ducklings have hatched so they must be ones from the old flock. Just thought they were so gorgeous sitting there (haven’t removed them yet heehee). Silly ducks, told you they didn’t like laying them in the coop! Mummy has probably stopped laying for the winter as they weren’t laying when I moved in last winter. Probably a good thing as it was -1 last night – first minus temp of the year brrrrrrrr!



Hmm so I guess you’re here to look at some more fantastic farm pics eh… Well looks like I’ve already failed at following through on this BUT I have a very good reason, it’s been bloody well raining all week! So much so that I’ve been flooded in for most of the week and only managed to get across to work today. I’m keeping an eye on the rain radar as it’s only about 10cm from the top of the crossing so I don’t want to get caught on the wrong side. There’s only so many pics of grey clouds and misty pics I can post before your eyes drop out of your skull in boredom. And of course the only awesome pic I did manage to take is on my other computer so I can’t post that either but I’ll make sure I upload it as a PS tonight.

This week I cranked up the fireplace for the first time this winter as it was freezing earlier in the week. I’m going to have a go at firing up the Rayburn cooker on the weekend too. I was too scared to last winter (no idea why, just a dork) but I’ve youtubed a bunch of videos on how to light it, maintain it and put it to bed overnight so we’ll see how it goes. What I do need to work out is a more efficient way of storing my wood indoors. Will have to percolate on that over the weekend.

One of the jobs I was going to do over the summer, and completely forgot about, is to build a better wood shed. The ones that I have are basically 3 half moons made out of a water tank which was cut in half covering the woodpiles (one of which blew over in a storm and I can’t get it back on so the wood is open to the rain!). It’s not very easy to get wood out of (or in I imagine) as it’s about waist height so you’ve gotta crawl in there. As I was typing all that I was thinking about how I could cobble one together for not a lot of money and just had an idea on how I could make one out of free pallets! Would just need a couple of tall star pickets and hey presto! I already have some corrugated iron I could use for the roofing. I wanted to make a concrete floor for it but I’m not sure if the concrete would set in winter (I know bugger all about concreting btw) so I might just have to use the existing bits of corrugated iron that lines the other ‘sheds’. I have termite issues which is why I need a better flooring for the wood shed btw.

Oh Google you wonderful thing you! Just googled pallet wood shed and this is sort of what I’m looking to make (only taller) AND it solves the flooring issue. AND it could be expandable to make it bigger/longer when needed.

wood shed

Only thing I’d be worried about with raising it up like that is snakes hiding under there. Maybe I can make a little corrugated skirt for it or something. I do have blocks I can prop it up on and I do need to shuffle wood around this weekend…. sounds like a project! Have a great weekend!


Farm Photo Friday – 17 April 2015


So here we are on the first Farm Photo Friday! Hope you enjoy them. It’s been really misty in the mornings here lately and it makes for some really great pics. You can click them to view them larger if you want to bask in the awesomey goodness.

IMG_0695Sunrise mist pocket in the valley with the roos

IMG_0723Another misty valley sunrise


IMG_0877One of the gorgeous side effects of the mist, jeweled spider webs

(click to enlarge as they don’t look blurry!)

IMG_0908The sun coming up in the misty trees



The misty river crossing

IMG_0276And even though it can be a bugger when it gets flooded like this, the river crossing can still be beautiful.

Can you see why I love this place so much? Hope you enjoyed a lil sneak peek at things. And look! not one duck pic hehehe. Hope you have a great weekend!