AT LAST!!!!!!


So I’ve been holding off on posting this update for a little while because to be honest it doesn’t quite feel real yet.  BUT….


Interestingly not the land that I’ve mentioned in past posts. I got to a point where I had to give up hope on that property. In a year and a half (almost 2 years now) I chased and chased and chased this guy to get his shit together and sell me the land. I literally left a voicemail on his phone every 2-3 weeks chasing an update and only spoke to him twice in 18 months. (You’d think I’d take a hint huh… 🙂 ) In February I found out through the council website that the subdivision was approved in December but he hadn’t contacted me. I finally managed to get him on the phone and he said that his sister was holding the process up.  And shortly after that his other sister who I have regular contact with casually slipped “I don’t think it’s ever going to happen” into the conversation so that really put the doubt in my head. So I gave up and made the conscious decision to let it go as a viable option.

The very next day I decided to look through old real estate listings that I’d previously written off and quite by accident this property came up. I had looked at the listing when it was originally advertised in January this year but quickly dismissed it for dumb reasons (lets not go there). But really taking a good look at it closer… it ticked every box. In fact it is the polar opposite of the other property in every way. There are trees on my property (the other one had 3 trees on 25 acres), there’s a massive dam on the property (the other one had zero water, even the water tanks were empty), there are 2 little straw bale cottages on my property(!!), there’s existing solar setup on my land, there’s a small orchard… The beginnings of everything I want to establish is there with little effort. In every way this property is THE ONE, even down to my secret wish list of things that would be nice to have but weren’t on the “must have” list.

All it took was letting go. To say that I was focused on the first block of land is an understatement. Obsessed more like it. As in, every waking thought was poured into that land. Dreaming, planning even shopping for a land that wasn’t mine. And I should have clued on earlier that it wouldn’t be mine as everything from the start was all an uphill slog. From the lack of communication to the amount of work and money I’d have to pour into this land to make it what I want. All very hard work. And ultimately I could make it work but the ease in which MY property has happened and how (relatively) easy it will be to set up is pretty astounding. I was clearly holding on too tight and the moment I let go the right one came into view.

There are other interesting connections. I first saw it on the 06/04 (6 April), the address number is 604, my PO box is 64 all of of which reduce to a 1 and we settle on 1 July 🙂 I like little synchronistic alignments like that. A week after they accepted my offer I thought I lost the property as I made my offer subject to the council report that is included in the sale contract. The council report details whether you can build on the property. When the final version of the contract came in my land size was too small to build on according to the report. I was absolutely gutted. It just didn’t make sense to me that the perfect property be given to me and feel SO right and then taken away. A week later after I got my solicitor to check with the sellers as to why it was listed with building entitlement and to request one last report request to council it turns out that they had obtained the report that I’d just had my solicitor request but hadn’t included it in the sale contract for whatever reason and the result is that my land is eligible to build on according to clause 3(A) subclause d, item (i)… some really obscure clause but eligible! But that in itself was a letting go reminder as I’d started to get obsessive with my new property so lesson learned and now it’s all go with the flow.

So now that I actually have some interesting things to post I’ll be here a little more often as I have A LOT of things planned, a massive to do list and I’d like to take you on the journey. Even if I’m just writing this for myself for documentation sake I’ll be around a bit more. I’m toying with starting a Youtube channel as well but just toying with the idea at this stage.



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