Any day now……


Still waiting….. I feel it in my bones that it’ll all be moving forward super soon. 

I’m making productive use of my spare time and am starting to propagate plants for the new property. So far I’ve got rosemary, pittosporum and feijoa underway. I’m eyeing off different trees to take cuttings from as that’s going to save me a butt load of money. I recieved a Diggers voucher for Christmas so I’m going to buy some trees and propagate a bit more. 

And this weekend I’m pressing the scary SUBMIT button on my Permaculture Design Certificate final assignment. I’ve been tweaking and retweaking and it’s time to just submit the thing! Because the land is such a blank canvas it’s like being faced with a blank piece of paper, there’s still some spots I’m not entirely sure what to do with but I think that will resolve over time. Might give you a sneak peek when I’m done 🙂 
Just a super quick update cuz nothing much is happening. Just me getting excited and bursting with inspiration! 

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