Farm Photo Friday – 17 April 2015


So here we are on the first Farm Photo Friday! Hope you enjoy them. It’s been really misty in the mornings here lately and it makes for some really great pics. You can click them to view them larger if you want to bask in the awesomey goodness.

IMG_0695Sunrise mist pocket in the valley with the roos

IMG_0723Another misty valley sunrise


IMG_0877One of the gorgeous side effects of the mist, jeweled spider webs

(click to enlarge as they don’t look blurry!)

IMG_0908The sun coming up in the misty trees



The misty river crossing

IMG_0276And even though it can be a bugger when it gets flooded like this, the river crossing can still be beautiful.

Can you see why I love this place so much? Hope you enjoyed a lil sneak peek at things. And look! not one duck pic hehehe. Hope you have a great weekend!

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