Guess who found 3 eggs while cleaning the coop this weekend…. and another one in the nesting box for the last two mornings!


I cooked two for breakfast yesterday but they were a bit weird, I scrambled them and the texture was almost dry when they were cooked. Tasted OK but didn’t sit very well in my belly so I think I’ll just stick to using them in cakes n stuff. Could just be a mental thing for me I dunno. The yolks were bloody HUGE! Giant yolks with a little white. I am going to make a chocolate cake tonight to celebrate 🙂 SO excited that one of them is finally laying. The ducks aren’t broody about the eggs so I won’t have ducklings just yet. Not sure if I want them to be quite honest. They’d be cute and all but once I get the orchard fenced I’m going to get some chickens so I’ll have enough on my plate with them all. We’ll see.

And I figured that since I talk about them so much that they’ll get their own category. (as will the chickens when I get them heehee). Hope you’re having a good one!!

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