HOME (and other adventures… part 1)


I’ve got SOOO much to catch you up on it’s just overwhelming!

For starters I’ve moved in. The move went really well with the removalists on time and to schedule as always. These guys have moved me a coupla times and have always been really great. AND they made it up the hill that I’ve been having nightmares about for weeks so I was SO relieved about that! They managed to get everything unloaded by 12 noon so I decided to go back to town to get another load of stuff from my Mum’s place. When I got back to the house… no power… I went up to the power box to find a lil note from the electricity company saying that they had done a final reading and disconnected the power because the place was vacant!! AND not only that but they put a time down for their visit and it was about 15-20 mins after the removalists and I arrived so I had JUST missed them!! Probably even drove right past them grrrrr

I had actually applied for a connection on the Monday when it was settled but got an email on Tuesday saying they were having trouble finding my meter number and could I confirm…. and of course got that email about an hour AFTER I’d left the property and was back at Mums…. ANYWAY…I rang the power company to see if I could get reconnected only to be told it takes 2 days!!! This was at about 4pm (and it gets dark here around 5:30. So I raced outside to haul in wood to make a fire, raced around the house to find my solar lights and torches, unpacked a couch, made my bed and made a fire just in time for the dark to settle in. So I watched fire telly (and learned how to use a combustion heater properly) for the next two nights 🙂


Really thankful that I had enough stored food and about 30 litres of water in storage so I was fine! All the comforts. It was actually kind of a good experience to work out what I need out there in case of an emergency (or power blackout).

So I spent some time unpacking n blah de blah and Sunday afternoon I was down by the wood shed about to cart in more wood for the week when I heard this water trickling noise coming from the workshop shed near the chicken/duck coop. Raced down there to see this flood of water coming from underneath the workshop door running down the hill – the pipe to the workshop sink had burst!!! Allow me to add that I’m on tank water only! I scrambled back up to the house to the house water tanks and turned them off then back down to the shed…. water still gushing… FUCK! I put my finger over the pipe to stop the flow, feeling like the kid with his thumb in the dyke, and stood there for a second thinking “well now what???” Raced back up to the house to grab my phone to contact the dumdum agent and grabbed some pliers and every empty bucket and tub container I could find then back down to the pipe to see if I could at least save some water. Rang the agent, of course, no answer… so texted him a HALP EMERGENCY message to find out where the damn stopcock was cuz I couldn’t find it anywhere. “I have forwarded your message and will let you know ASAP” was the response… wtfuckery?! think the guy must be allergic to ringing people. So while the tubs were collecting water, with super human dumdum-rage induced strength I clamped and bent the copper pipe which slowed the flow a bit but my tubs were still filling up. Standing there watching and waiting, I was having visions of having to get 40,000 litres of water trucked into my place…

About 10 mins later the worst agent in the world texted me back to say that it was all gravity fed from the shearing shed tank, not the house tank (THANK YOU ALL THINGS HOLY!!) so I actually JOGGED up the hill to the shearing shed tank to switch it off. Almost needed to sit down from the shock that I jogged for the first time in forever but headed back to my new swimming pools instead. Meanwhile the ducks were loving their new river-like water feature, happily splashing around and digging around in the muck. That was the only plus 🙂

So anyway got back to the tubs and the trickle was drastically slowed and I ended up with 3 full tubs and a half one that I’d bent the pipe into so I left it that way over night for the rest of the gravity feed to empty. I’m slowly emptying those tubs in the duck’s water buckets so at least it’s not wasted water. So that was a little adventure! I think the pipe burst because, of course, we had the worst cold snap in 40 years and had almost two weeks of -6 nights (not to mention gale force winds) so that’s been fun too. But again, I’m kinda thankful for the trial by fire to help work out what I need to get on the property to stay comfortable and fully functional.

I think I’m going to have to break up my catch-up into a few parts because I’ve got stacks more to tell you and it’s going to turn into War and Peace if I don’t. I’m probably going to give you eyestrain dear reader and I can’t have that now can I? More tomorrow!

Tune in next time when we talk ducks n chickens, blackbirds, water pumps freezing, grassfires and more shenanigans 🙂

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