cloooser…. cloooserrr…..


I’m one step closer! Signed all my homeloan paperwork and got a confirmation text to say that the bank is ready! AND not only that but they gave me a lovely bottle of Grant Burge that I’m going to save for my first night in the place. Gotta say that my mortgage guy has been one of the best I’ve ever dealt with so if you ever need a recommendation, Abraham Tang at CBA is your man! And not just because of the lovely wine, just been really great service and excellent communication (which as you know is something I’m a BIG fan of)

I made a good contact for my solar panel system yesterday. One of our work suppliers who deals exclusively with providing rugged systems so I can’t wait to start talking nitty gritty stuff with him and getting myself off grid. He did make a good suggestion in that I should stay connected (even if I don’t use it) as a backup. I’d only have to pay the daily provision charge so I’ll see what that is when I get my first bill (but I’m assuming like a dollar a day).

I’ve been doing a bit of reading on chickens and ducks (and whether they eat the same sorts of things because I have no idea when it comes to ducks) and one thing that people recommend is roasting and crushing up the egg shells and feeding it back to them. This struck me as a little bit like the human equivalent of eating a booger (or should that placenta?). It seems to help with shell strength and quality so I’ll probably be doing it too with my ladies (feeding shells not eating boogers btw).

45 days to to!

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