It’s the final countdown!


I’m madly checking my phone, refreshing every 5 mins…. awaiting confirmation from my solicitor that they’ve finally exchanged! it could have been done earlier but the seller’s solicitor didn’t get back to mine for 2 weeks! Slacker…

Had my pre-exchange inspection yesterday and took my Mum along as she’s been keen to see it. Had a really good chat to the seller and they also offered me their ducks! So I’ll have 4 Muscovy ducks as well 🙂 3 ladies and a drake. The seller was saying that they’ve had ducklings when they’ve left the eggs there, can you imagine the cuteness!!!! And I love duck eggs, so yummy.

One thing that’s really starting to piss me right the fuck off is people saying “oh it’s far to drive”… seriously? If I lived in Sydney it takes you at least an hour to get anywhere. So what, it will mean an extra 20 mins of me sitting in my car listening to good tunes? So what??!! People here are spoiled if they think driving for 45 mins to work is SOOOO far awayyyyy. Ffs. Look if I was running or walking that then sure it might be an issue, but in actual fact I’m sitting in a climate controlled compartment with comfy seats and glorious scenery and awesome accompanying soundtrack. and not only that but it’s not stop go city traffic with a stack of dumbassery I road rage fools. So I’m failing to see the big deal and I’m barely restraining myself from poking someone in the eye with a fork when I have to try and explain it for the umpteenth fucking time.

The negativity is starting to grate on me can you tell? it would be nice for people to just be happy for me and not have to find every potential negative aspect about it all. I don’t understand why people do that. Anyway enough venting…. gotta go refresh my email ;}

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