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cloooser…. cloooserrr…..


I’m one step closer! Signed all my homeloan paperwork and got a confirmation text to say that the bank is ready! AND not only that but they gave me a lovely bottle of Grant Burge that I’m going to save for my first night in the place. Gotta say that my mortgage guy has been one of the best I’ve ever dealt with so if you ever need a recommendation, Abraham Tang at CBA is your man! And not just because of the lovely wine, just been really great service and excellent communication (which as you know is something I’m a BIG fan of)

I made a good contact for my solar panel system yesterday. One of our work suppliers who deals exclusively with providing rugged systems so I can’t wait to start talking nitty gritty stuff with him and getting myself off grid. He did make a good suggestion in that I should stay connected (even if I don’t use it) as a backup. I’d only have to pay the daily provision charge so I’ll see what that is when I get my first bill (but I’m assuming like a dollar a day).

I’ve been doing a bit of reading on chickens and ducks (and whether they eat the same sorts of things because I have no idea when it comes to ducks) and one thing that people recommend is roasting and crushing up the egg shells and feeding it back to them. This struck me as a little bit like the human equivalent of eating a booger (or should that placenta?). It seems to help with shell strength and quality so I’ll probably be doing it too with my ladies (feeding shells not eating boogers btw).

45 days to to!

Hallelujah I’ve seen the light!


Had a bit of a revelation last night in the wee sleepless hours. My brain has been going a million miles an hour (considering there’s only 51 days to go til it’s mine!) so lately I’ve been waking up at 2am and not being able to get back to sleep cuz my brain won’t shut the bloody hell up jibbering and carrying on about nonsense and renovation ideas… Anyway as I mentioned before I’ve been getting a little overwhelmed by all the negativity surrounding my move to the country. And also a whole bunch of generally pissed-offness that no one except myself seems to give a shit about this whole situation. I just really want someone else to join me in jumping round the room squeeeeing loudly instead of changing the subject back to themselves or spouting negativity at me. That would be really nice because all the other shit is getting a bit tiring.

But I had a virtual slap upside the back of the head last night (or was that this morning)… why the hell should I care what other people think about this? This is about ME and what I want to do, not anyone else. I don’t need validation from other people about what I doing so why have I been wanting it? People are entitled to their own opinions so I shouldn’t be mad when it’s not the opinion I want it to be. As someone once told me “Others opinions are none of my business”. I’m only making myself angry that they’re not reacting how I want them to which is just a waste of time and energy because I’m going right ahead and doing it all regardless of their opinion. Basically… cut the shit, dumbass 🙂

So I woke up feeling better this morning, albeit tired 🙂

But now I have a renovation conundrum, whether to renovate now or late next year when a new Ikea opens up in the area? I’m basically talking about my kitchen as I have shopped around locally at Bunnings (Kaboodle), Masters and Smart Pack and they don’t have the black beveled “country” doors that I want which Ikea does. But also considering that I want to get my wardrobes, laundry cupboards and bathroom cabinets from Ikea too, it’s a lot to transport if I do it all at once. The other option is to hire a van and just get the kitchen cabinets so that I can do that and get the rest in 2015 when the new Ikea opens up. Or take more trips to Ikea heehee!

My main problem is that my benchtop connection, where I get family rates, has just sold their business so I’ve got a year to get my benchtop. So do I just do an estimated measure of what I think it’s going to be and buy and store the slabs until I actually build and hope that it fits…. or do I organise transport from the Ikea Sydney store (which will cost me a bit more than getting it from the new store in a years time) and do it relatively soon and have an accurate measure?

I’m leaning towards the van hire by the way 🙂 Mainly because I’m seriously impatient!!

And if I do the kitchen it means I need to do the floors in that area which are currently tiled with what looks like little square public toilet tiles to me…. see below, don’t you think so?

kitchen tiles

I was originally thinking of large format tiles as I’ve laid them before but I’m now leaning towards light grey vinyl “wood” planks. I’ve seen some really great images lately and I think it would look pretty good with the black kitchen cupboards. The lounge room carpet is a really light grey too so it wouldn’t clash. Not to mention that it’s a bit more forgiving if you drop something. Something along these lines:

silver vinyl1      silver vinyl

(image pilfered from
Along with a billion other things that are going on in my head… that’s just a drop in the wide ocean for ya 🙂



So… I sent my craptastic solicitor an email at 4:45pm yesterday (Thursday) after not hearing a thing allll day, and allll day the day before when they’d talked about exchanging contracts. I asked whether exchange had been scheduled and got a reply back saying “Sorry, we neglected to let you know that exchange happened Wednesday afternoon” and ” sorry we had a busy day”. Wtfuckery? Really? Yeah I had a busy day checking my damn email all fkn day AND the all day the next day thankyouverymuch.

*deep breaths*

The upside is that it’s finally mine… the 60 day countdown has begun! Day 58 today 🙂 It’s weird, I’m excited and I’m not. I’m really surprising myself with how blahh I am about it all. I would have thought that after allll this time that I would be doing a few more backflips. I am excited don’t get me wrong, I’m just not manic. Weird.


It’s the final countdown!


I’m madly checking my phone, refreshing every 5 mins…. awaiting confirmation from my solicitor that they’ve finally exchanged! it could have been done earlier but the seller’s solicitor didn’t get back to mine for 2 weeks! Slacker…

Had my pre-exchange inspection yesterday and took my Mum along as she’s been keen to see it. Had a really good chat to the seller and they also offered me their ducks! So I’ll have 4 Muscovy ducks as well 🙂 3 ladies and a drake. The seller was saying that they’ve had ducklings when they’ve left the eggs there, can you imagine the cuteness!!!! And I love duck eggs, so yummy.

One thing that’s really starting to piss me right the fuck off is people saying “oh it’s far to drive”… seriously? If I lived in Sydney it takes you at least an hour to get anywhere. So what, it will mean an extra 20 mins of me sitting in my car listening to good tunes? So what??!! People here are spoiled if they think driving for 45 mins to work is SOOOO far awayyyyy. Ffs. Look if I was running or walking that then sure it might be an issue, but in actual fact I’m sitting in a climate controlled compartment with comfy seats and glorious scenery and awesome accompanying soundtrack. and not only that but it’s not stop go city traffic with a stack of dumbassery I road rage fools. So I’m failing to see the big deal and I’m barely restraining myself from poking someone in the eye with a fork when I have to try and explain it for the umpteenth fucking time.

The negativity is starting to grate on me can you tell? it would be nice for people to just be happy for me and not have to find every potential negative aspect about it all. I don’t understand why people do that. Anyway enough venting…. gotta go refresh my email ;}