This made me giggle a bit:

Does this mean I’m a hipster?? bleehhhh

Well I had a look at the property on Saturday and yep it is in fact AMAZEBALLS. Mhmm I just typed that… (I am afterall a hipster right? ;}) There’s no better word to describe it. Better than the photos in the listing that’s for sure. AND it comes with chickens!

So I put in an offer yesterday… and the agent just gave me a call with a few detail questions about settlement and exchange…. And he’s going to call me back soon. I’ve started getting nerves now. Could this be it? Will I finally be a property owner????? I keep waivering between “it’s going to happen” and “it’s not the one”.  If staring at your phone was a national sport, I’d be the bloody champion. Ring damn you!!

This last week has been insanely hard to concentrate on anything other than the property. Well except this weekend as I finally got to see it and I had a bit of a buzzkill on Sunday but building a bridge moving on. Man I’m busting for a wizz but I don’t want to have to take my phone into the loo in case it rings bwahahahaaa. Can you imagine me getting the good news while I’m on the loo? Hilarious. or is that hilarsbears (hipsterspeak).

Anyhoo..,. any moment now…..

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