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Why are you doing this?


I’m slowly turning black and blue from all the self pinching. I keep looking at the photos thinking “that’s MINE!!!!!!!!”. It seems real and that the same time it doesn’t. I’m super excited but at the same time I feel this deep level of calmness that I didn’t expect. I thought I’d be doing constant backflips all over the room all day long but I’m quietly peaceful, tranquil almost ;}. I think that because I’ve been looking for MY place for so long and have actually found a place that ticks every box and then some… it’s hard to believe that a) it actually exists and 2) it’s actually mine and I will be living there. So for perhaps the final post in the Property Inspection category I’ll post some of the pics.

The lovely grassy area by the river.

bumbalong20 bumbalong18

The view from the veggie patch, overlooking the river


The view from the veggie patch to the back of my property… that’s allllll MINE! Right to the top of the back ridge.


I don’t want to post too many photos of the house n stuff just yet as it’s not officially mine. Privacy and all y’know.

So for the final time – bush block, tick. River, tick. 45 mins to work, tick. 300 acres, tick. Rayburn wood stove, bonus tick. Clawfoot tub, bonus tick. Massive walk in robe, bonus tick. Chicken run including chickens, bonus tick. Massive workshop with combustion fireplace, bonus tick.

My brain has been going at turbo speed thinking about all the things I want to do and what to do first. Really random things like planting white climbing roses over the edge carport and what to plant in the bare flower beds. Had to giggle that they’re there, bare, ready for me to plant exactly what I want to plant. Like the rest of the house, in decent condition but just needing me to put my stamp on it all and make it mine all mine. In the grand scheme of things there is nothing that NEEDS to be done (except that carpet I posted before but in it’s own way it’s a “design feature” (I’m being kind)). It’s all perfectly liveable but I’m just itching to customise it all. In particular the walk in closet. I have great giant squeeeeeee moments every time I think about it and how lush it’s going to be when I finished. When I really think about it, seeing that at the property inspection kinda sealed the deal for me as I liked the rest of the photos but they hadn’t taken a photo of the WIR so I was dying to see what it looked like and the fact that it’s MASSIVE! *sigh* did I mention I can’t wait to move in? mkay just checking 😉

I’ve been getting an interesting reaction from friends who I’ve told that my offer has been accepted on a rural property and that I’m moving to the boonies and that’s “why would you want to do that??” accompanied by a look of horror. (not that it’s really the boonies mind you, only 45 mins from civilisation ;}). And I’ve refined my half an hour response detailing permaculture, aquaponics, and sustainability down to a couple of words. “I want to live a simpler life and be more self sufficient.” Sums it all up nicely in a little nutshell without me hopping on on the soapbox and coming across as an absolute raving loon.  I want to wake up in the morning and revel in the absolute fucking quiet and go get my breakfast from my chickens before I head off to desk jockey for the day. I want to be able to come home from work and pick my dinner from the garden and talk to the chooks as they head back into their coop in the orchard. And revel in the absolute peace and fucking quiet and tranquility. Mhmmm! Can’t wait!!!!

I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry


Totally off topic. Have you ever listened to music and just wanted to crawl through the cord and see them in the vocal booth? To see how they sing a song and see their face and if they’re singing it with the feeling that you’re feeling when you hear it? I feel this way about Sia. I first came across her on a tattered poster pasted on a communal column in the Melbourne CBD in 2008 and was intrigued and saw her live at the time. Since then I’ve been hooked. Her voice just kills me every time. Lyrics too. She is an amazing lyricist and she’s written the lyrics of some of the stickiest songs that have been in my brain and my heart. This woman is amazing. I’m the sort of sap that cries at songs that touch my heart. And this woman does it to me 8 times out of 10.  *shakes fist at Sia in the most loving way*

Chandeliers. I’d kill to see her sing this in the vocal booth, not just live because thats different because everyone is watching but in the privacy of the vocal booth, now is the rawness I’d love to see and would break my heart at the same time. I’d just love to be able to sing with that sort of abandon.

Chandeliers by Sia (the song most stuck in my head these days)

enjoy ❤




I OWN A PROPERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to express how fkn happy I am right now. Well there are but I won’t bore you with reading them ;}  It just doesn’t feel real… I’m sitting here in my office by myself wondering if that all just happened?? Is it really real???

hehehe I’m a property owner 🙂



This made me giggle a bit:

Does this mean I’m a hipster?? bleehhhh

Well I had a look at the property on Saturday and yep it is in fact AMAZEBALLS. Mhmm I just typed that… (I am afterall a hipster right? ;}) There’s no better word to describe it. Better than the photos in the listing that’s for sure. AND it comes with chickens!

So I put in an offer yesterday… and the agent just gave me a call with a few detail questions about settlement and exchange…. And he’s going to call me back soon. I’ve started getting nerves now. Could this be it? Will I finally be a property owner????? I keep waivering between “it’s going to happen” and “it’s not the one”.  If staring at your phone was a national sport, I’d be the bloody champion. Ring damn you!!

This last week has been insanely hard to concentrate on anything other than the property. Well except this weekend as I finally got to see it and I had a bit of a buzzkill on Sunday but building a bridge moving on. Man I’m busting for a wizz but I don’t want to have to take my phone into the loo in case it rings bwahahahaaa. Can you imagine me getting the good news while I’m on the loo? Hilarious. or is that hilarsbears (hipsterspeak).

Anyhoo..,. any moment now…..

One more day to go ho!


Well my brain is positively exploding! I’m going to see the property on Saturday morning and I can’t wait. Can’t concentrate at work, can’t concentrate at home. I feel really restless but that could just be the full moon. I spoke to the bank yesterday and my finance is basically organised. The guy told me to go ahead and make an offer if I wanted to YAY! I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do to the house. Not that it needs much work mind you, it’s perfectly liveable the way it is (apart from maybe the bedroom carpet which is WILD! This is just a snippet from one of the listing photos).


It’s just the things I want to do to update it and make it MINE. In a way it’s been good that I’ve been daydreaming about building my strawbale house for almost 2 years as I know exactly what I want and I’ve refined those decisions a zillion times. I still wish I could build my strawbale place, particularly for the insulating properties but that’s life eh. The good thing is that most of the things I want to do like the bathrooms and kitchen are things I’ve already done before so that will save me some money. Just need a good electrician and plumber for the fixings.

And have been thinking about outdoors, what I’m going to plant where, what I’m going to build where. Thinking about compost and where I can find a stack of hay/lucerne for free 🙂 My brain is a tornado I tells ya… 1 more day to go 🙂

And PS. I’m not calling you a ho, just makin’ sure ;}

THE ONE???????????????


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG….. I think I’ve found The One. You remember a while ago I was telling you about my dream property? The one with the unapproved river crossing that fucked everything up in terms of me building my home on it… Well today there was a property listed, with a house, just a bit up the road from it!! The house is ok, the kitchen and bathroom need a bit of updating, but it’s all got a LOT of potential. And the price is right. And it has river frontage. And it has mostly bush. It even has a little caravan with an annex on it as a “guest house”.

I’ve left a message with the agent… just hope he gets back to me today so that I can see it this weekend. How on earth am I sposed to concentrate for the rest of the afternooon?????? I can’t stop looking at the listing photos and dreaming of all the stuff I want to do. Umm… this is the part where I’m sposed to remind myself not to get too excited but fuck I almost feel high!

I hope all this good news will excuse my absence 🙂 Things have been pretty hectic lately but don’t think I haven’t been thinking of you. Au contraire! I’ve thought of a dozen posts I want to post so I promise I’ll make more time for you. Hell I type like a maniac so I promise I won’t stay away so long again.

Particularly not when this could be it!!!!!! It’s got 4 bedrooms, master with ensuite (and walk in robe!) and main bathroom has a clawfoot tub even! No walk in pantry but I may be able to incorporate one with my kitchen reno. It has solar hot water already and does have mains power but I can disconnect that once I’ve got the solar electricity installed.  I actually like the fact that the kitchen and bathroom need updating so that I can put exactly what I want in there. Only thing I’m not happy with is the fact that it’s not on a concrete slab. But I won’t hold that against it 🙂

And don’t get me wrong. I still really do want to build my own place but if I can find a place that is pretty bloody good in the place that I want to be with all the other things on my list ticked…. I’m not going to complain or turn it aside.  I probably won’t be able to build on that bit of land later on because of all the council shite (I have to cross the same river crossing to get to my property….) but I’m OK with that.

Did I mention the gorgeous grassy picnic area by the river? Or the fact that it’s already got a chook shed and veggie patch? AND satellite interwebs? omgomgomgomgomg!!!! 🙂