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Wow busy month. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown once again, the month is almost over! Been traveling for work and generally being caught up on office bullshit. We’re going through a downsizing exercise and there have been 80 voluntary redundancies handed out so far with another 20 peeps to go. I’ll know if I’m safe by the 4th of April so please keep your fingers crossed for me. I think I should be okay but you just never know in these times. Thank you budgie balls prime minister….

There hasn’t been much happening on the land search front. It’s pretty quiet in the listings too, the other day was the first day in my year and a bit daily lunchtime trawls that there was nothing to look at at all! I like to look at the really expensive things that come up too just for inspiration but there was NOTHING. I’m just trying to think of it as the calm before the real estate listing storm that I’ll be bombarded with and ultimately MY land will be listed. I’m ready dammit… where are you?! Patience grasshopper…… *takes deep breaths*

I actually drove to work behind a Waffle Pod truck today which reminded me that I hadn’t spoken to you in a while. Seriously awesome to actually see one of their trucks here. I can’t remember if I told you but I did ask Viva if they’ve ever used them and of course their answer was yes 🙂  They’re just that good! Dunno why I bother asking them questions because the answer is always yes or else something even more innovative. Can’t wait to start working with them.

Anyway just wanted to check in with you and make sure you’re alright 🙂  Wish I had some exciting news or something for you… next time I promise. We should talk more about my ideas for the inside mkay? Deal.

Hey you! Make me an offer I can’t refuse ;}


You know what I really like? Haggling. Yep. Haggling. The thrill of the chase, the sweaty angst of getting a bargain and the sense of accomplishment when I’ve managed to knock $50 off the overinflated price thankyouverymuch. You know what I really don’t like? When retailers at an “outlet” store don’t let me haggle. Point blank REFUSE to haggle with me. Although the fact that it’s a retail store never stops me as I’ll usually try to haggle on things like appliances or furniture but that’s beside the point. But this was an “outlet” store which implies that the goods should firstly be at a reduced price compared to a normal retail store and secondly be willing to bloody well haggle. This outlet store complex is not known for it’s bustling crowds of frantic purchasers with fistfuls of cash so I would have thought that they’d be at least willing to come to the party and do the discount disco.

But noooooo! I’ve been on the hunt for a particular type of arm chair for a while (yes yes I’m picky) and I’ve been able to find it in a couple of other shops but not in the colour I want or haven’t been able to order it in the colour I want. So the other weekend (in the shop with the wishbone chair!) I found it, in black, just as I’ve been searching for. Sat in it, it was as comfy as I’d thought. Looked at the price tag, nearly dropped dead of a cardiac, $700!!! for a chair!! in an outlet shop!! So I politely asked if that was the best price they could do on the chair and was met with a terse “we don’t feel the need to discount our items” to which I was utterly gobsmacked and actually lost for words (a rarity for me). She tried to placate me by stating they did offer Lay-by but I told her that the money wasn’t an issue as I could pay her in full now but I just wasn’t prepared to pay $700 for a chair. As lovely and enticing as it was.

Even after this exchange (to which I’d wanted to reply “well bugger off then you hoity toity bish”) she tried to aggressively sell me the chair as I browsed other items in the shop, trying to gracefully exit and barely restraining my intense need to dramatically storm out of the shop swearing never to return. “We do have lay-by…” she’d sing-song at me, “it’ll fit in the truck”… far out lady. If you don’t come to my party and I walk away, take a hint and realise that I’m not coming to yours.

I can’t say I’ve ever had a point blank refusal to even discuss a discount when I’ve tried to haggle and I wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. At least my brain/mouth filter kicked in and I wasn’t escorted from the shop by burly security guards. But really, am I that wrong to expect at least a little discount discussion? A little price wrangling in exchange for my desired and most lusted after goods? Even the outlet centre’s website promises “great stores, great brands, great discounts”. Pffft no discounts here mate. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen Kath & Kim and seen the skits with Prue and Trude in their “premier homewares store” but that’s what this lady was like (and there was a Trude standing behind the counter too). YouTube it as there are a few skits there if you haven’t seen it.

And the thing that pisses me off the most? The fact that that is the ONLY FARKING STORE that I’ve seen my chair in… even my beloved eBay hasn’t proffered the goods. And I’ve been looking for a good six bloody months. Apart from being bamboozled by her response I wanted to chuck a full on screaming and kicking tanty on the floor and scream “but WHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!” :). I believe in second chances so I’m going to go back and give them one last chance to take my money. But I’ll be walking away with my discounted chair or drowning my sorrows and scouring eBay for the gazillionth time *shakes fist at eBay*.