Sorry it’s been so long but I’ve got a lot to catch you up on. So in the last thrilling post I was pretty damn depressed at losing my dream property. I did talk to the council guy to see what it would take to get the river crossing structurally assessed and approved by council but never got an answer due to the Christmas break and the road engineer being away but that’s fine cuz it’s off the cards completely now. I’m interested in a new block of land 5 mins away and when I spoke to the agent about it he told me that he’s the one who actually sold my dream property to its current owners and had a lot of trouble back then as well. So basically that sealed the deal on giving the property a big pass. Pity because it’s the perfect property but is screwed because of council regulations. I feel sorry for the current owner because they’re going to have a hard time selling it if the new buyer does even half their due diligence.

But anyway back to me and the new bit of land I’m interested in. There is a little bit of rigmarole that I’ll have to go through to get a building entitlement but it’s not as insane as the last one. Basically just need to get an extension on the existing legal right of way as the block is landlocked. It shouldn’t be too hard as there is one other property at the end of the right of way road so an itty bitty extension to it shouldn’t be a problem methinks. Yes yes thinking positively 😛

Over the Christmas break I’ve had a lot of time to think about things and really start planning out the house. I’ve now got a pretty clear vision on what I want and I’ve been collecting pics from magazines and all that fun stuff. But today I wanted to share with you my latest discovery and thing on the MUST HAVE list. Glow in the dark chips for the polished concrete!!!!


 glow in the dark concrete    glow in the dark concrete1
(you can clicky clicky these images to make them bigger)

How freaking cool is that!!!!! I don’t want my floor that dark colour, more an off white/light grey. And note that these before/after pics are from an un Boral related website www.koncept.com.au and are only used for illustration purposes. Wish they were closer to me so I could get them to quote but they’re in VIC.

Oddly Boral say that it’s only available in QLD and VIC but there is a phone number to ring for availability outside of those two states so you can betcha that I’ll be ringing that number when it’s time to start thinking bout the slab. I even think it would be brilliant to have some in the driveway, can you imagine it!!!! If you have a look at the Koncept website they have done an outside application on some stairs which looks great. I don’t care how much it costs for the slab, I’ll look for savings elsewhere to ensure I can have it included. It was a toss up between tiles or polished concrete but I think this has sealed the deal for polished concrete!

In regards to the house plans I’m basically torn between two plans. Both are modified from the original plans and once I’ve drawn up the modifications properly I’ll post them for you so you can have a squiz (and give me your opinion?). Both are predesigned plans, one from the company I want to build my house and the second is from the second runner up company. Both deal with strawbale building obviously. I sent a bunch of questions to my preferred builder today so hopefully they get back to me soon.

I’m trying hard not to get excited again after what happened last time but at least I can get excited about the house even if it’s not the right land (which I still need to actually go see hahaha). I’ve got a pretty clear picture of what I want it all to look like (which helps minimise costs as I’ve had a lot of time to think about it and change my mind already!) so I can’t wait to get started! Anyway it’s hometime but just wanted to share before I go home, I’ll be posting a bit more now as I’m positively BUSTING with ideas and I have a need to share 🙂

Hope you’re not melting out there in the heat! Stay safe and stay cool!

And as a PS as I’ve just found the image… check it out!!! Can you imagine this in the middle of the bush?? I’d love to come home to my own private glowing river every night. wowwwwww 🙂

glow in the dark concrete driveway

(image snaffled from Imgur and you can click to enlarge)

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