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The boudoir


Soooo I’m not entirely sure how I got onto this pic but it’s kinda defined how I want my new room to look. My whole house style is “modern French country mixed with vintage Hollywood glam slash Art Deco”. Sounds a little odd but I make it work 🙂 My current furniture is pretty much the latter half but I figured that since I’m going to be a bumpkin and I really hate the cliche country look I’d go with one I do like which is the French style. That and it works with the ideas I’ve got in my head! I think I must have done a google images search on French country bedrooms or Hollywood glam bedrooms and came across this image:

bedroom grey green

(clicky clicky to see it in glorious hugeness. I should add that I can’t find the source of this image so I can’t credit it or get more info on the goodies)

and instantly fell in love. The wallpaper is my fave shade of teal, I already have mirrored bedside tables and my couches are almost that exact grey velvet type fabric. I think it’s going to be a bit difficult to find similar wallpaper and then actually wallpaper rendered strawbale walls… I know it’s possible with a wallpaper liner but that’s all sounding like a pain in the beeehind so I was thinking a milk paint or lime paint as the walls will be lime rendered. And I love the washed look of lime paint, Porter’s Paints make one in a shade I like (Summertime 2012) but in my quick google search this morning there’s a company I’ve never heard of, Bauwerk, ( who have a massive colour range so I might be in luck to find “my” shade of teal AND they’re in Australia – bonus! Think I’ll have to get some sample pots and do some testing once the walls are up, can’t WAIT!!!

The grey bed and teal walls all go with my current doona cover sets so I’ve got no excuse for bedding shopping… damn! Should have thought that one through better ;}

So then I set about looking for a similar bed and fkaduck they’re expensive. The closest one I could find was one on ebay for $1700 + shipping. Sooo me being the cleverclogs I am decided to have a look and see how hard it would be to make a winged tufted headboard and hey presto – a zillion tutorials via google! Most of them say a headboard could be knocked up over a weekend for around $200 depending on fabric choice so I think I’m going to give it a go and hybridise my current bed to fit the new headboard on it and make a fitted slip cover for the base. I currently have a cream suede upholstered bed base and headboard (not tufted though) so I think it would be pretty easy to modify and just take the fittings off the current headboard piece and fit them to my handmade headboard so that I can attach it to the bed base frame. It’s easy enough to make a fitted slip cover type things for the padded railings which are the base and I get the same look for probably more like $300 if I include the extra fabric costs for the base coverings. And of course impatient lil ole me wants to get started now but I don’t have the room to work on it and my bed is in storage 😦 Will just have to keep dreaming for a while. More importantly I need to decide on fabric… and then find it… I’m torn between a grey velvet type fabric like the pic above or a grey silk dupioni like the below:


(image shamelessly ripped from  sorry!)

I like the look of both… good thing I’ve got some time on my hands to make up my damn mind. (your opinion on which you like better is also highly appreciated… if I could work out how to set up a poll I would!)

So then I was also thinking I could make a lil end of the bed tufted bench too similar to this one:


I could even make the bench first as a practice run to the tufting of the headboard so I can get the hang of it and not mightily bugger up the headboard but again I don’t have any space to store it although I probably have space to work on it. Patience grasshopper, patience…. And of course I’ll keep you updated with pics once I get started.

For the windows, I’m thinking of getting plantation shutters on most of the house windows but for the bedroom I was thinking of getting some soft silvery floaty drapey type of fabric curtains hung from the ceiling edge like a new york loft stylie as well just to soften it all up. Think I’m going to have to haunt some fabric shops eh?

For the flooring… dunno 🙂 The flooring will be the whitish polished concrete but as for a rug or something nooo idea yet. I think that will all depend on how it all looks together and what I find in my shopping travels.

Vertical farming


Just wanted to share this little snippet with you while I trawl the paper and sip my morning coffee:

I think it’s a great idea and I saw something similar in a documentary last year. On one hand I think it’s a really nifty idea for cities but on the other it makes me a little sad that we have to resort to something like that instead of the world getting it’s shit together so that we actually have a sustainable future instead of being driven by greed and profit. I do think that things are changing little by little – as evidence, my local organic farmers market has expanded to being open on both Saturdays and Sundays due to demand, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s all a little too late? I’ll remain optimistic though 🙂

More kitchen coolness


Some things I forgot to include in my Ikea post (I was all afluster with the Ikea goodness):

One of the things I really wanted to get from Ikea was this grandfather clock wall decal. They have a nifty clock that can be purchased to go with it but I already have one which would go nicely. Thought it was seriously cool and for $15 bucks it’s on my gotta have list!

grandfather clock sticker


The other is either (or both?!) of these nifty chalkboard stickers. Seriously how awesome are they??? Functional and gorgeous… It’ll probably cost me just as much to ship it to me (hmmm could that be a good excuse to further browse the shop and make the shipping worth while?? heheh ;} )

chalkboard sticker


chalkboard sticker square


Think I’m going to need to start a new tag… Must Have List 🙂

Oh and did I mention that I learned how to crochet granny squares over the Christmas break? Just to get myself into the spirit of my impending bumpkin life 🙂 Almost have enough to make a blankie!

And just a quick update on the new land situation. I spoke to my council guy again on Friday to clarify everything and it is possible BUT I’d have to be the land owner for the council to release the surrounding land owners details to be able to get consent for the right of way road (which I need to be able to register it). AND I’d also have to get permission from everyone who is “burdened” or “benefited” by the road which basically means any land owner whose block the road runs through or anyone who uses the road… and that could be a lot considering I can see at least 8 blocks that the road runs through but I’m not sure if that means all users of the road because there is a little sub road running off it which contains another 3 residences. So I might need all their permission too! So basically I need to firstly go out there and see if it is suitable and then work out what to do after that. Even if I did get all their permission, I’m still not guaranteed to get a building entitlement as it will depend on my development application (which I’m pretty sure will tick all their boxes). So it’s all a bit of a gamble. Not gonna stress myself out just yet… need to see it in person first… even if from photos and google earth it looks perfect :).

Next topic is bedrooms… have been doing a lot of surfing and planning in the last coupla weeks while work has been quiet. So I’ll show ya what I’ve got planned.

PS. and ooooohh this is post number 30! who would have guessed I could blabber on so much huh?!



So I took a lil daytrip to Ikea on Monday and woah $500 bucks later…. So much for my list of things that only totalled $150… But I did buy 5 ceiling pendant lights for the house and saved myself about $300 on the ones that I was considering before. 3 to go over the kitchen island and 2 to go over the dining table (or bedroom lights if I don’t like them over the dining table). Bought a bunch of other things in the house so most of it is going straight to storage, don’t even get to play with my goodies 😦 (well apart from the gorgeous doona cover and purple glass water bottle heheh).

I also found the kitchen I want! Even down to the handles I like so looks like it’s an Ikea kitchen for me. I’ve used the SmartPak kitchens from Magnet Mart before so even if I have to put the kitchen together myself, that’s fine with me. The benchtop I’m getting from a family friend and it’s the same as what I had in my other renovated kitchen. It’s a white caesarstone type bench with little mirrored chips in it. Of course I can’t find any good pics of it so you’ll just have to go here and have a look to get an idea of what I mean (and those pics aren’t the greatest either, doesn’t really show off the mirror chips).

The last two kitchens I’ve build have been all white and I’ve been longing for a black kitchen since I saw a budget kitchen makeover done by Better Homes and Gardens, and of course I can’t find a bunch of pics from the episode but swiped this from Tara Dennis’ Facebook (sorry Tara!).

black kitchen

I also found this episode video for it so take a squizz:

I love the dark dramatic look but my kitchen won’t have the big bulky top cabinets like the reno as I’ll have my walk in pantry to store most of my appliances and stuff and the cabinets will have DRAWERS (Strictly NO cupboards, I fkn hate cupboards…. Irritating lil bastards) for crockery, glasses & pots etc. I think it will also lessen the “heaviness” of having a black kitchen if the top is light and airy (although I do like those glass fronted cabinets below… maybe just one or two of them :0 ) The below is basically the kitchen I want but obviously white counter top, different handles and white polished concrete floors. The lights that are over the island bench are even the ones that I bought. I don’t mind the white subway tiles but I saw some in stainless steel which look amazing. Not sure if it’s overkill though so I’ll have to do a bit of photoshopping so I can get an idea of how it will all look together. It’s even the same style sink that I want. Not sure bout their tap though, it’s nice but not quite what I’m after.

black ikea kitchen

(clickyclicky the image to make it bigger)

The alternative idea would be the same cabinets but in white and to have a black counter top sort of like the below

kitchen bw

But I think I do have my heart set on the black kitchen. I keep looking at pics (research mhmm) and getting swayed both ways. Below is an idea with the stainless steel tiles (from last season’s House Rules – all kitchen pics here:

stainless steel tiles

All opinions welcome if you care to weigh in 🙂



Sorry it’s been so long but I’ve got a lot to catch you up on. So in the last thrilling post I was pretty damn depressed at losing my dream property. I did talk to the council guy to see what it would take to get the river crossing structurally assessed and approved by council but never got an answer due to the Christmas break and the road engineer being away but that’s fine cuz it’s off the cards completely now. I’m interested in a new block of land 5 mins away and when I spoke to the agent about it he told me that he’s the one who actually sold my dream property to its current owners and had a lot of trouble back then as well. So basically that sealed the deal on giving the property a big pass. Pity because it’s the perfect property but is screwed because of council regulations. I feel sorry for the current owner because they’re going to have a hard time selling it if the new buyer does even half their due diligence.

But anyway back to me and the new bit of land I’m interested in. There is a little bit of rigmarole that I’ll have to go through to get a building entitlement but it’s not as insane as the last one. Basically just need to get an extension on the existing legal right of way as the block is landlocked. It shouldn’t be too hard as there is one other property at the end of the right of way road so an itty bitty extension to it shouldn’t be a problem methinks. Yes yes thinking positively 😛

Over the Christmas break I’ve had a lot of time to think about things and really start planning out the house. I’ve now got a pretty clear vision on what I want and I’ve been collecting pics from magazines and all that fun stuff. But today I wanted to share with you my latest discovery and thing on the MUST HAVE list. Glow in the dark chips for the polished concrete!!!!

 glow in the dark concrete    glow in the dark concrete1
(you can clicky clicky these images to make them bigger)

How freaking cool is that!!!!! I don’t want my floor that dark colour, more an off white/light grey. And note that these before/after pics are from an un Boral related website and are only used for illustration purposes. Wish they were closer to me so I could get them to quote but they’re in VIC.

Oddly Boral say that it’s only available in QLD and VIC but there is a phone number to ring for availability outside of those two states so you can betcha that I’ll be ringing that number when it’s time to start thinking bout the slab. I even think it would be brilliant to have some in the driveway, can you imagine it!!!! If you have a look at the Koncept website they have done an outside application on some stairs which looks great. I don’t care how much it costs for the slab, I’ll look for savings elsewhere to ensure I can have it included. It was a toss up between tiles or polished concrete but I think this has sealed the deal for polished concrete!

In regards to the house plans I’m basically torn between two plans. Both are modified from the original plans and once I’ve drawn up the modifications properly I’ll post them for you so you can have a squiz (and give me your opinion?). Both are predesigned plans, one from the company I want to build my house and the second is from the second runner up company. Both deal with strawbale building obviously. I sent a bunch of questions to my preferred builder today so hopefully they get back to me soon.

I’m trying hard not to get excited again after what happened last time but at least I can get excited about the house even if it’s not the right land (which I still need to actually go see hahaha). I’ve got a pretty clear picture of what I want it all to look like (which helps minimise costs as I’ve had a lot of time to think about it and change my mind already!) so I can’t wait to get started! Anyway it’s hometime but just wanted to share before I go home, I’ll be posting a bit more now as I’m positively BUSTING with ideas and I have a need to share 🙂

Hope you’re not melting out there in the heat! Stay safe and stay cool!

And as a PS as I’ve just found the image… check it out!!! Can you imagine this in the middle of the bush?? I’d love to come home to my own private glowing river every night. wowwwwww 🙂

glow in the dark concrete driveway

(image snaffled from Imgur and you can click to enlarge)