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Well…. I’d half written a super happy fun post about how I’ve kinda sorta decided I want to buy that place by the river. And how every hour I talk myself out of it then back into it and that I’ve engaged my lawyer to have a look at the draft contract for sale that the agent has given me and I’m just awaiting the lady from the council to send me some info on the building file (as she said that she’ll be able to email me docs instead of me trekking out to Cooma to go see them) and info on the bridge building process. And how I’d also talked to my bank and my money was on track and my brain abuzz and I can’t sleep and I keep feeling sick with nerves and excitement at the same time.

But that post is now long gone and dead in the water. I got a reply from council and basically the jist of it is that it’s going to be too hard and too expensive to build the river crossing to be able to build my house. I’m more crushed than I thought I would be as I thought I was being impassive about this property but clearly not. It’s going to involve 3 regulatory bodies plus money beyond my budget to build. Although my optimist side pipes up to remind me that the $70 million lotto is on tonight 🙂 I’m still at work and struggling not to cry every time I think about it. Stoopid land. Why did it have to be perfect in every regard except for the fact that I can’t build my damn dream home on it.

I’ve been thinking about whether I could live in the existing structures for the rest of my life? I did reply to the council to ask what the go is with the unapproved structures and what risk there would be for the council to come in at some stage and ask to rip them down. Dunno if that’s causing problems for the future owner but I want to know just in case I change my mind about buying it and living in them. I was toying with the idea of just improving the existing structures to make them livable to my standards. But if they ask to rip them down at some stage… whats the friggin point?

Just crushed… It took me a year to find this place and to have that sharp intake of breath moment of “it’s THE ONE” and feeling in my chest. Pity I was wrong. I just hate having to let it go because it’s perfect in all ways except for the most important… being able to build my house! I’m trying not to wallow, really I am but ffs… the next “the one” must be pretty damn spectacular!

Going off to sulk now 😦

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