Traffic light windscreen washers


An entirely unhouse related post but just wanted to get this out in the open. I think I have an irrational fear of traffic light windscreen washers. You know the guys that hang at the traffic lights with a bucket and squeegee pointing it at you offering to “clean” your window with their grotty water and scummy squeegee in return for some coins? And it’s not exactly a fear because I’m not cowering and having nightmares but they just make me extremely uncomfortable and I’m not entirely sure why. They mostly pass me by after I smile and shake my head ‘no thanks’. But I always get a bit nervous waiting at the lights when there is one there.

I’m sure they’re just trying to make some money in the sunshine and providing an essential service to those who want it. I think that maybe I’m scarred by an experience where I’d smiled and shook my head ‘no thanks’ and he came over and did it anyway then proceeded to demand coinage. What part of ‘no thanks’ wasn’t clear? I can’t remember if I gave him the coins or not. All that being said, I have once, when in a very cheeky mood, waved a $10 note at a particularly cute and muscular windscreen washer and told him that if he did it topless that I’d give him $10. Shameless… I know…. 😀 Best windscreen clean ever.

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