dun dun duuunnnnnnnn part 2


Well yesterday (interestingly to coincide with the full moon) I officially signed on the dotted line with my real estate agent and lawyer so now there is no turning back. Lock it in thanks Eddie. I’m actually excited this time, unlike the last time I sold my place where I had a real sense of regret as I had to sell it out of necessity. I still regret selling it and buying my current place but I guess things happen for a reason. If I hadn’t bought this place, which I hate living in, I would never have seriously considered my move to the country. I’ve thought about it for years as I’ve mentioned before but to actually do it… if I was in my old place, my old castle and comfort zone, I wouldn’t have been “forced” to make that decision. So I take it as a positive rather than lament the decision 🙂

So now I’m excited to start packing my house, decluttering it to make it sexy for open house and to lure its future owner into making the offer I want to accept. This weekend I’ll be finishing off the odd jobs I’ve been meaning to do and start staging the house for the real estate photographer. My spring bulbs are starting to poke their green stalks up through the ground so the garden should be looking good just in time to have its picture taken.

In a strange twist of fate I happen to have all of my packing boxes (all 57 of them!). I tried to give them away 3 times but for varying reasons the recipients never got around to it or something came up etc so they’re all still safely stored in my garage ready to be used again. Funny how things work out like that… saves me scrounging for boxes again which was a right pain in the butt last time.

Anyway enough day dreaming, gotta get back to work, lunchtime’s over 😦

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