dun dun duuunnnnnnnnn!!!!


Well I’ve officially engaged my lawyer and real estate agent to sell my house today. All the rigamarole and paperwork to go through now but it’ll be worth it. Should be on the market in about 2-3 weeks!

Was spurred on by this lil listing today:


Whole bunch of suitable candidates on offer for verrry reasonable prices. I really quite like block 6. Just need to confirm how far they are from work as I’m getting conflicting reports but I’m going to go out there on the weekend and hike around and look.

Even if my house sells before I find a decent property at least I’ll be ready to go when I do find it! And now I need to start clearing out my house and staging it to make it look all presentable and desirable for propsective buyers. Kinda getting exciting now because I’ve made it real rather than just dreaming about it. heheh wonder if I can get Friday off to do some work 😉

Another thing I thought I’d do here is start posting up my “house building ideas scrap book” images that I’ve been collecting. Basically pictures and ideas that have been inspiring me for my house build.  And if you have any neat ideas you’d like to share feel free to post it in the comments.

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