hmmmm…. a contender…


So I went out to look at the place I mentioned last week and wooowww…. It’s awesome! The river is gorgeous, the block is really pretty bush, lots of firewood and a really nice house site facing the river, overlooking a little valley. Can’t really see the neighbours up the back and I could probably fence the access road if I really wanted to. The old sand mine is pretty interesting. I always find it quite strange to actually see a site after I’ve been perving on it on google maps for so long. The sand mine looks nothing like I had imagined and it looks like they’ve done quite a bit of preservation work on the mine site to stop erosion and restoring the vegetation. Still lots of sand and pebbles left if I wanted to use them :). The bottom of the mine now has a pond which drains towards the river so with some nice reed plantings etc it could become a nice habitat.

The view from the top of the sand mine (you can see the pond at the bottom). It’s tiered down to the bottom. (click to enlarge)

IMG-20130615-02290 IMG-20130615-02289

And the river… wow. I walked straight through the property towards the river and was just blown away. It’s kinda hard for my tiny brain to comprehend that I could have that in my back yard for my enjoyment at any time that I wanted. It’s really quite lovely, there’s just something really mesmerising about the sound. There is a really nice sandy beach area close to where I would consider putting the house and the rest is a little rocky. But hey I’ve got my own sand mine so I could just truck it over to the place I want to extend my beach haha – truely lovely.

The first pic is the view from the access road down towards the river crossing then me standing in the middle of the river crossing looking upstream, then downstream (and as always you can click the pics to enlarge them) Taken from my phone so they’re not the best quality.

IMG-20130615-02294 IMG-20130615-02308 IMG-20130615-02297 IMG-20130615-02298 IMG-20130615-02300

The rest of the block is basically bush with lots of kangaroos around and a few wombat holes as well.  Wombats have this weird habit of shitting on things like rocks or tree stumps – and wombat shit is square which is another brain warping concept. I assume it’s a territorial thing but its pretty funny to walk past a big rock with a shit on it and think how did it get it’s little butt up that high to deposit it? (edit: I just had to google why they have square crap because my brain is warped like that so here’s a good link in case yours is too The block has a nice little valley running through it with a natural cleared path through the middle which was a bit eerie when I first found it cuz it’s really random – thick bush vegetation then bam cleared path… yes yes I have an over active imagination 😛 ). It’s very lush and the ground at the bottom it quite mushy and a few little watering holes around so that could be good for planting fruit and veg (with a little plant relocation of the irisy looking plants. There are two dams on the property but I could only find one which was so cute.

The bottom of the valley with the cleared path, the second photo would be the potential house site facing north, and another shot of the valley.

IMG-20130615-02311 IMG-20130615-02313 IMG-20130615-02314

Strange the things you find on a property! On the top of one of the hills over looking the valley there was a little bit of rubbish… and an old kiddies firetruck. Very cute!


One of the little dams that I could find and a shot of the bushland.

IMG-20130615-02331 IMG-20130615-02334

And the negatives… the road noise for one. It’s not deafening or anything like that but you do hear the whhhhhwwhhhhh in the background, even out the back of the block near the river. So I’m not quite sure if that’s a dealbreaker for me or not. It’s not an irritating noise but it is there so over time I may tune it out but I don’t know that for certain. It could end up pissing me off to the max and I don’t want to have to sell because I’m irritated all the time. Heheh that’s the whole reason I’m trying to move! I’m thinking of going back again next weekend to sit and listen and think 🙂 Considering it ticks all the boxes in regards to price, bush block, water and close to work (40-45 min drive) its weird to find some completely unknown factor that could be the deal breaker.

The other potential negative is the access road through the middle. There was no sign of the people up the back so I’m not sure how often they use that road – whether they’re commuters as well or are farmies who only go into town once in a while. In a way I’d like to meet and talk to them before I decide one way or another as they’d basically be driving through my land, and potentially twice a day. I might have another chat to the real estate agent to find out what he knows about them and also if I can get a squiz at the contract for sale to see what other info it contains. When I spoke to him on Friday he mentioned that the driveway requirements had changed so I’ll have to find out exactly what that means and also the impact on my price reduction 😉

So it’s a bit of food for thought… It’s not 100% perfect but it’s close – I may not find something that is 100% perfect so does that mean that I need to sacrifice some of my “wish list” stuff to get something that’s close enough to what I want? There’s a part of me that wants to hold out for “the one” but my impatient side says BUGGER THAT in a very loud voice. And it just annoys me that land-wise I’ve already found the perfect one which wasn’t perfect price wise… but I’m trying to move on from that ;}

The one thing that finding a contender has spurred me on to doing is to actually list my property so that if I do find “the one” then I’m ready to make an offer. Where as if I find it tomorrow I’m going to have to wait til I sell my place and I could potentially miss out and that makes me nervous (and I’d be EXTREMELY pissed off…). So I’m going to finish off the last of my improvements and get it listed. If it sells before I either find “the one” or have decided to buy the contender then I can store my stuff and move in with my Mum. Had a chat to her about it on the weekend and she’s ok with that. So there ya have it… will keep ya posted 🙂

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