a property visit!


So it’s been a while between updates. Basically because there’s been nothing good worth even looking at on the web let alone in person. Trying to keep my chin up! 🙂  I went back through some of the old listings that I’d already looked at and written off and went out to look at 2 old properties and one newly listed one last Saturday but they weren’t suitable. Figured I’d go and check them out for the heck of it. Beautiful blocks but just too steep/hilly for what I’m after and want to do and the soil structure isn’t the best. One did have a house on the block already but it needs extensions and to be made a bit more environmentally friendly so it’s not really worth the money for me and I’d still rather build my own home. The first one I went to creeped me out a little bit because the gate was wide open and the gate chain had been cut but there was no one there and no sign of disturbance so it was probably just stealing firewood from the block as it was covered in fallen timber. Some pics for ya:

Creepy gate and the road to the house site


The cleared house site below and pics of the block

IMG-20130608-02274IMG-20130608-02275 IMG-20130608-02276

When I was going through the old listings I came across another one that I really liked before but wrote it off without looking at it as it does have a few issues like being right on the highway and it has an access road through it to a property up the back (plus a old sandmine!). When I spoke to the agent about this place he said that the sellers were willing to negotiate on price due to the fact that they’d had quotes to install a new driveway on the property at around $25-$50k so thats a good bargaining chip for me. The off the highway thing I obviously can’t change but I’m going to go out there on the weekend to have a look and to listen to the traffic and see how noisy it is from where I’d potentially put the house (and the rest of the block obviously). That highway can get a lot of traffic as its the way to the coast from the city. So… those are the only two drawbacks so might as well go and have a look anyway.

It’s a lovely looking block which is 143 acres and the back border is all creek so thats a big plus. It’s got two little dams on the land as well and running through the middle of the property towards the creek is a little valley so it looks like a good catchment area so potentially another dam site. So the price is good, its got good water and is a bush block… but it’s on the highway and there’s the access road….. so I’m not getting my hopes up because they could both potentially be deal breakers for me. Anyway I’ll keep you posted.

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