Slim pickins…..


No suitable candidates again today. Not even anything worth looking at further in the new listings! Very slim pickings indeed so I’m chanting “I will not be discouraged” to myself over and over again 🙂

So some fun things today… The below are some reasons that everyone should get into gardening ;} Certainly inspires me!

And a new concept for me – Pothole gardening! Such a cute idea! Guerilla gardeners plant flowers and shrubbery and set the scene with plastic toys etc on your everday street or sidewalk pothole. I love some of the cute little scenes that people have created. I’d love to do one but I just don’t know of any potholes around me that aren’t in the middle of the road on a busy street… and also my pessimist side thinks that some nasty butthead would go out of their way to run it over. But that’s just the mood I’m in right now 🙂 So check it out:

(image from the above website)


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