Lunchtime greywater research


Well today’s trawlings didn’t yield any suitable candidates but I did have a really interesting conversation with one of the girls in the office about greywater of all things. I was actually looking at truck ads (gonna need a truck if I’m going to be a proper bumkin – I want a Hilux) and she was telling me about her place that she’d just built and the greywater reuse system that they’d installed. It’s basically a diversion system that takes all the bathroom water (shower & hand basin) and laundry water and diverts it via a subsurface irrigation system to her orchard trees and flower beds. Not very expensive to put in unless you get the pump version so I’m adding that to my house plans as its best to install it when the house plumbing is being installed.

At my current house I collect my shower water and kitchen runoff (cuz my hot water takes forever to reach the kitchen for some reason) and put it on my veggies and garden. I’ll still continue to do my kitchen runoff (not washing up water cuz of the fats) in my new place but having the greywater diverted from the bathroom automatically would be pretty great. Apparently you can get greywater treatment systems to reuse the greywater for your toilet and washing machine so I’ll have to investigate them and see what the costs are like. Because I’ll most likely be on tank water I’m going to make sure I don’t waste my water or at least get 2 uses out of it! If only there was a subsidy for greywater systems! Was pretty pissed off to find out that both the solar electricity installation and waster tank rebates have recently been scrapped! Couldn’t they have waited for me to build my house?? Geeez 🙂 anyway… Back to work slacker!

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