An introduction part deux


Previously on A Modern Hippy… your hippy guide was recounting her journey so far… we tune in and join her now for part deux.

So last week I found another property that looked great! 100 acres, 45 mins to work, semi bush block, with a creek and 3 dams, a converted barn to live in… sounds promising! I rang the agent and he was able to take me out there the next afternoon. I was pretty impressed when he handed me a site map with drainage drawings, contour map, an ecological study including flora and fauna on the land all that the owner had compiled. The land that I got to see was stunning although windy and I went back on Saturday for a good hike around as the agent didn’t have time for me to walk around the full property (which was fine as it was late in the afternoon anyway so would have been getting dark). While the land was really well cared for the bush part was just too steep. The terrain was just not pleasant to walk around where as Number 2 had some gentle slopes so much more pleasant. The creek was a bit of a trickle and in some areas completely dry so thats not exactly what I was after either. A dam is better than stagnant water in my opinion. It did have a converted American barn with solar and wind generator on it but it would have needed some work on it to make it full time livable as the current owners only come down every 2 weekends to stay there and tend their cattle. I’d need to insulate it and put a better kitchen in it etc etc etc. AND the price is too much for what I want to spend on land. So… its not suitable. 😦 But it is very pretty…. (and again you can click the images to make them bigger if you wanna)

IMG-20130518-02109IMG-20130518-02120IMG-20130518-02247 IMG-20130518-02242 IMG-20130518-02207 IMG-20130518-02168 IMG-20130518-02160 IMG-20130518-02148

So back to the daily real estate trawlings again…. Except I think I made a mistake with my money calculations and I think I may actually be able to offer the owner of Number 2 a little bit more to at least get more in the zone of what she’s asking without being exorbitant for basically a piece of land. So I’m pondering whether I should do that or just keep looking…. I’m a lil torn. Maybe it wasn’t “meant to be”… maybe I’m just over thinking all of that…. *sighs* who knows eh

In terms of my master plan for the land and the life I want to be living –  I’m looking for vacant land so that I can build a straw bale house on it. The best type of house for efficient and low cost heating and cooling and it’s majorly fire resistant which helps being out in the bush (and which kinda goes against normal logic it being made of straw I know but it is).  And I want to plant veggies (I already have a 4 plot veggie garden at my current house) and an orchard. Maybe some goats or sheep or cows. Definitely chickens for fresh eggs and maybe even geese or ducks for fresh eggs as well. All using permaculture principles too mind you. That’s where my hippyness comes in. Organic and free range as much as possible. And for the modern part… I’m not into banjo pickin country style. I’m a modern, clean lines, mod cons kinda gal. So while I’m building a straw bale house its going to be modern with mod cons and I’ll be mixing the best of both worlds. I’m planning on being completely off the grid with solar power and solar hot water. And after visiting the last place I could even put a wind generator as I hadn’t considered it before and it might be windy enough (Number 2 is 5 mins away from the place I saw on Saturday).

So for the moment I’m just gonna keep dreaming and work out what the hell I’m going to do about Number 2… and keep you posted on happenins n stuffs. So there you go, my introduction. Nice to meetcha 🙂 I’ll be seeing you round I’m sure!

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